Finally, a new one

It's been a while

I moved from New York to San Francsico all the way back on July 8. It's been more than 4 months! A new city so far from nearly everyone I knew before means I've spent a big part of my time building a new life for myself. It's a challenging process, but a worthwhile and fulfilling one. Part of that involves flipping through your catalogue of habits and deciding whether to freshen them up or toss them out.

Though, most habits are new ones, since last year's tumult didn't afford me much stability. The regular cadence of work โ€” which has been wonderful โ€” resets the daily clockwork. Gym, journaling, and eating naturally fit their way in to the gaps.

This is the birth of a new habit โ€” public journaling, as opposed to private journaling. I feel comfortable enough in my new life, and have enough thoughts floating around that it's time I discipline them, bring them to order and the scrutiny of friends and strangers so they're fit for other eyes.