Day 5 (Week 1 End) at RC

I already know I’m going to have an amazing time at RC. Quite a few things marred my first week — namely, the hassle of moving in, my illness and scalding my tongue on Monday (meaning eating anything was painful), and figuring out the logistics of going to the gym and living my life. I spent far more time figuring those things out than actually coding and meeting people and learning.

That’s all done now, though.

And today, I presented about what I’ve learned in the past few days about Deep Learning, as taught by Andrew Ng. That was cool — I felt unprepared and the slides were thrown together in the span of 15 minutes, but I made it out alright.

At this point, it’s 11:51pm on a Friday and I’m absolutely beat, but I feel this strange sense of freedom — that I can really just work on whatever I want, that I don’t need to fulfill some more pragmatic goal of serving a customer’s needs or completing a school project. I can’t quite articulate the nuances of this feeling yet, but I’ve been getting flashes of it throughout Wednesday and Thursday.

With this freedom, though, comes its own flavor of anxiety— what if I squander it? What if I don’t make the absolute most optimal use of every second that I have?

I’ve faced this exact sort of anxiety throughout my life, and fortunately, at this point, I know how to deal with it.

You simply act.

Quell your fears — focus on process over product. What does “optimal” mean, anyways? You learn by doing, not fretting about whether you’re learning 3 iota (some made up unit of knowledge) more per minute working on databases with this time table instead of implementing a BitTorrent client using Rust.

And not to worry — there are several dozen other wonderful people with the same worries and hopes as you.